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Looking for a change but need some direction? TherapyCart can help.

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Gold shopping cart with the TherapyCart logo on the handle.

We're here to help you discover your 
strengths + let go
of what's weighing you down.

Therapeutic selections:
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Window Shopping?

Want to get to know the therapist before committing to a session? Still have questions before getting started? Book a consultation to ask your questions and to see if TherapyCart is the right size. We may be a great fit!

Free 20 minutes consultation

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Pop-Up Shop

Some issues just pop up throughout life. There’s no need for them to stay for long. Visit the Pop-Up Shop to address your short-term issues such as a recent job loss, break-up, or bereavement.

$150 / session



Vintage Shop

Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s still not in the back of your closet. Repurpose your pain and trauma into something beautiful…a healed you. At the Vintage Shop, you dive into deeper issues such as traumatic experiences, abuse and self-esteem struggles.

$150 / session 

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Lovely black couple celebrating their engagement and premarital counseling with a glass of wine.

Exclusive Pre-Sale

Doesn’t it feel amazing when you have early access to a sale? Imagine how great it would be to have early access to a successful marriage! Add therapy to improve communication techniques, learn problem solving skills and so much more to prepare for a lifetime together!

$225 / session 


Two for One

What’s better than one person working on a relationship? Two! Do you need help with building trust, resolving conflict, expressing your feelings? Whatever it is, put it in the cart and head to checkout (therapy)!

$225 / session

Lovely black couple smiling and cuddling together.

“Love the straight to the point approach. Makes it easier to process without the fluff.”


Beautiful black online therapist sitting at her desk smiling and looking at her tablet.


Inquire via our contact form.


Complete all required forms and submit insurance (if applicable).


Book & attend your appointment.


We want to see you succeed because we actually care.

Every session is designed to flow organically, which truly allows our client to take the lead of their sessions. We always provide a safe environment so our clients feel comfortable discussing their past traumas, but excited to learn that they don’t have to carry their heavy baggage forever.

Beautiful black online therapist smiling and swinging shopping bags.
  • How long is each session?
    Each session is 45 minutes.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes, we accept certain insurances. Please inquire to see if your insurance is accepted.
  • Can you provide a letter for a support animal or for time off of work?
    Yes, if deemed appropriate. Must be seen a minimum of 6 weeks.
  • Can anyone access my chart? Are my sessions confidential?
    All sessions are confidential. The only time confidentiality is not upheld is if suicidal or homicidal concerns arise. I am legally required to break confidentiality to get help. If harm is intended for someone else, I am legally responsible to notify the person that they are in danger. No one is allowed to gain access to medical records without the patient’s written consent.
  • What happens if I’m late?
    Please notify me immediately, via phone. Clients are given a 10 minute grace period. After the 10 minutes, you would need to reschedule.
  • Can I get a refund?
    We do not issues refunds for services rendered.
  • Are in-person visits available?
    TherapyCart only provides virtual appointments at this time.
Beautiful black woman sitting enjoying a cup of coffee.


Begin your healing journey today!

You’re worth it.

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