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Beautiful black online therapist, Dominique Watkins, in a bright pink coat holding a grocery cart.

A therapeutic approach that encourages, motivates and 


Why go through life carrying all that baggage? Grab a cart!

All bags aren’t meant to be carried. Learn how adding therapy to your life’s cart can elevate your mental well-being and confidence.

What We Offer









A gold shipping cart with the TherapyCart logo on the handle.
About  TherapyCart

Happiness looks good on you.

TherapyCart started from a desire to relate therapy to something that most people enjoy doing, shopping! Why shopping? We want to change the way you view therapy. Therapy is something you should enjoy. Therapy is something you should be eager to add to your life. Therapy should be something you seek, not as a fix but as something to constantly improve the way you feel, even on the good days. Our mission is to show each person, one by one, that therapy can truly enhance your life, if you tried it on.

Why are you waiting? Add it to the cart!

Beautiful black female therapist, Dominique Watkins, smiling and wearing an all-white suit.
What clients are saying...

“Dominique is a great therapist who has made me love our therapy sessions. I did not think I’d like being in therapy as much as I do. She not only gives great advice but makes you feel like more than just a “patient”. Working with Dominique, you will not only gain an awesome therapist but you’ll also gain a person who truly cares!”


Beautiful black online therapist sitting on a bench with shopping bags.
A safe space to

Start your healing journey today

Stop getting sugar-coated advice and start seeking meaningful therapy that strengthens and revitalizes you.

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